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When I was growing up between Bartlick and Haysi, Virginia on US 80, seven miles from the Ky-Va borderline.  There was coal everywhere.  Just behind my childhood home, there was a 40" seam of Hagy coal and about 300 feet below my feet was the famed Splashdam seam that had been mined at various locations since the 1920's.  Every day several hundred coal trucks (most of them ten wheelers or Tandem Dumps) came by loaded and empty.  On many of those days, especially during the summer, I'd go to the front yard and set in a folding chair right near the road so I could get the truckers (With such names as ‘Walkin' Tall', Somebody's Baby or Swingin' painted on the top of the dump bed) to pull their air horn rope for me.  I'd smile like somebody had just given me a crisp new dollar bill.  At about the age of ten, B.J. McCall came out with his famous song, "Convoy" and my Dad, brother and I rigged up a 23 channel CB base station in our house.  I started talking on the radio and suddenly realized I didn't have a handle.  So, I decided I'd choose one from a Bugs Bunny cartoon that was playing at the time.  My handle was "Old Gnu", which was what season Bugs told Elmer Fudd it was and had him shoot poor Daffy, who was the Old Gnu.  Unfortunately, the truckers couldn't understand me, so for about three years, I became known as "Old Canoe".  I'd set and watch for the weigh boys trying to put their scales under these dump trucks who always were hauling overloaded so they could make a living that day.  On many occasions, I'd have three-five dump trucks invited and visiting me when the trooper and the little gray van would block off the driveway.  On more than one occasion, the lawman would frustratingly ask me if I was sure I wanted those truckers in my driveway (since they couldn't write them up if they were on private property).  I always beamed back a happy (if not somewhat defiant) , "Of Course I want them here!" 

From that time on, I always considered truckers, especially coal and dump truckers, my special friends.  From almost my first days as an agent, I immediately got excited about learning how to insure these heroes of mine and by God's grace I learned how.  During the late 80's and throughout the 90's and into the new millennium, trucking insurance and trucker's advocacy has been one of our strongest points.  I have tried to take my love of these truckers and teach it to one key employee in my various agencies and anytime things begin to get out of control, I'm always called in to get the problem fixed. 

At BIA, we have over 20 specialty trucking companies which we are either licensed through or broker with.  We specialize in dumping concerns but also have several medium and long haul companies insured.  We write all coverages, including bonds, auto liability, physical damage, cargo and trailer interchange.  We also handle workers compensation.  We can do those with perfect ‘no losses' records or those who have had bad wrecks or accidents.  We also handle hard to place accounts, such as fuel haulers, timber and lumber haulers, cattle haulers, coal haulers, haz-mat accounts and many other commodities. 

For us to give you our best quote call, come in or fill out the quote sheet included as a link on this webpage.  Also, order us at least three years of loss runs from your current and previous carriers.  We can't wait to help you!